Tuesday, October 9, 2012

List It Tuesday

I've missed several Tuesdays already, but am determined to get a list in for Aimee at Artsyville's List It Tuesday this week.  The prompt this week is "I'm a sucker for..."    If I wait again until I draw or color it, it won't get done....so here goes.

  • avocados
  • m&m's
  • warm, fuzzy babies' heads
  • the cats trying to crawl under the covers
  • the olympics
  • fred astaire & ginger rogers
  • staring at the full moon
  • being tucked in
  • listening to story corps
  • seaglass
  • listening to my girl playing her ukelele
  • watching my boy's marching band
  • any opportunity for a belly laugh
  • flannel sheets and down pillows
  • willie nelson
  • "please, Momma?" anything
  • anything spoken in Italian
  • drawing pads and pens
  • hearing pomp & circumstance
  • a sunny window seat
  • beautiful postage stamps
  • a good cuppa tea
  • any opportunity to doodle


  1. What a list! That certainly would have taken a while to draw, so yay you for just getting it down on paper! (Love the ukelele one and pass the M&Ms!)

  2. Very nice list, and great to meet you! I do love a good cuppa tea myself!

  3. Sea glass. I love sea glass with a ridiculous passion. And a window seat. With that cuppa and the uke and it's a perfect moment.

  4. Thanks, all! This was a fun one, even without the opportunity to doodle!

  5. annie de la pazooooooooo! thank you for emerging from bloggy retirement and giving us your fabadabapazoo list. I don't even want to think of the day when my kids graduate. All I have to do is hear the first few notes of Pomp & Circumstance and I go into a blubbery puddle.

  6. Baby heads, m&ms and doodles darn I should have added those to my list they are good ones.

  7. I'm down with everything on your list but the down pillows (allergy).... especially the m&ms and Fred & Ginger and most of all the fuzzy baby heads!